The Best Places to Live

Where you consider the best place to live can be a personal issue. I grew up in Iowa and Minnesota most of my life. I have enjoyed living everywhere I have lived. We have lived in Arizona the last four years and I wish we would have moved sooner. It was nice the other day […]

Insurance for when you are Traveling

Recently a relative of mine came to visit us in Arizona. She is from Minnesota and had Dental Insurance there. She cracked a tooth her second week down here and we tried to fix it with a temporary tooth repair kit from the drug store. It didn’t work and she was in a lot of […]

Protecting your Home

If you own a home and have a Mortgage than you know about Home Insurance. But if you paid cash for your house you may or may not have it. If you don’t have it I would suggest that you get it ASAP. I am a big believer of Homeowners Insurance. I used to sell […]

Why some home Businesses Fail?

I have owned different small home businesses over the years. Some have done better than others but none of them have turned into a large business. But they can be fun as you start them up and work on building them up. For me it is anyway. But depending on your financial situation and stage […]

Money Saving Tips For Every Homeowner

  Being a Homeowner has many benefits but also has many other expenses that renting doesn’t have. I still feel in most cases owning a home is much better than renting a home. Losing weight. Finding a new job. Spending more time with the family. A new year means setting new goals. Why not make […]