January 2018 Financial & Goals

The first month of January is in the books and it went by way too fast. It is amazing how much we packed into the month. That is what life is about right? We lived life to the fullest for sure. I didn’t get a chance to spend much time on my blogs but got […]

Our Dividend Stock Strategy and Holdings

Since I first retired back in 2014 I have lived off of the Dividends we make off our Stocks in our Brokerage account. The stocks have changed over the years and some have stayed the same. Some will change in the future if we need to make changes. We did sell some of them when […]

2017 Goals Review and 2018 Goals

It is the first of the year and a time to let you know what my Goals are for 2018 and what our Family Goals are for the year. Mrs. RE and myself sat down and came up with what our Goals for 2018 was going to be and reviewed how we did in 2017. […]

December 2017 and Year End Financial Results

What a fun and wild 2017 we had. It went by way to fast. We had many family and friends travel to Arizona to see us. We made more new friends over the year. We got to know our neighbors even better this year also. Family and friends relationships is what life is about. December […]

November 2017 Financial and Goals Update

November was a busy month. Starting with Doctor Physicals for both of us, Thanksgiving time to home repairs. It was a roller coaster month for sure. But it was a fun month with Thanksgiving and decorating the house inside and out for Christmas. We love Christmas at our house. The Doctor physical for me was […]

June 2017 Financial and Goals Update

  June was another fun month to live here in Arizona. No rain this month again that I can recall also. But we did see hot temps. Seems like most of the days it was over 110 degrees. I think we hit almost 120 degrees a lot of the days. So the boy’s summer kept […]

What would you give up?

If you are retired or still working and are married with two incomes, what would you do if you lost one of your incomes? What would you give up? Over the years I have helped a lot of people who had debt problems. Some got in debt trouble by spending too much, to medical bills, […]

March 2017 Results and Goals Progress

March went by fast also with all our family and friends coming to visit us. We did book a Disney Cruise for October this year and then booked a trip to the Beaches for 2018. Some more fun things to look forward to. Stock Market was awesome this month again. I know stocks can go […]

2016 is Done – Here Comes 2017

WOW.. 2016 was a wild ride for us but lots of fun. We had a record spending year and our Net Worth still ended being up at the end of the year. We bought a new house this year and took many vacations. We had several friends and family which came and visited us last […]