Kids Addictions

If you are retired or still working and have kids or grandkids in your lives they could have addictions to video games or social media. What can you do to help? I hope this video helped and let me know your ideas.  Read about my other blogs by Clicking on the below link (Continue […]

Learn to Say “NO” to reach your Goals

If you are not reaching your goals it may be that you are not able to say that two letter word that we don’t like to say or hear. That word is “NO”. If we use that word at times it can help us reach our Financial Goals, Health Goals, Relationship Goals, Retirement Goals and […]


I was at a gas station today and when I came out a boy was parking his bike. It looked brand new. I said “nice bike did you just get it?” he said “NO, I have had it for a couple of years”. Wow… that is taking Pride in something you own. The above photos […]