Support your friends Business

If you have a friend that has an online business or a physical store front why would you not support them? If you are a friend why would you not help them with their dream? Why would you not shout about it to your friends? I like to share some of my friends posts on […]

Boys Lessons from Others

The boys were not as excited the other day as we were when talking with two kids about their life paths. Logan turned 17 last week and Seth turns 13 this Sunday. They are growing up way too fast. Mrs. RE and myself have been working with the boys for years on things we feel […]

Live a Positive Life

Life is too short not to be happy so why not choose to be positive. Some people who are negative why have them in your life if you don’t have too. I had great examples growing up as a kid. My Dad I feel lived by the rule of if you don’t have anything good […]

Respect in Relationships

This is an important key in any relationship we have from our Spouse, Kids, Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Boss and others. But it is an easy one to mess up on. It is a two-way street that if you want respect from a relationship you should make sure that you are giving it back. Some people […]

Positive Relationships

When I look back over the years I appreciate all the people that have come into my life and the relationships that I currently have with some of them. If is pretty cool that you may not have talk to someone since you graduated High School over 30 years ago but when you see them […]

Health Tips

Our Health is something that we take for granted so often until we don’t have it. Then when we don’t have it we would pay anything to get it back. When our Health is down it can hurt our Relationships, Our Finances and more. When we are under the weather it can be hurtful. Here […]