Tiger Woods No Quit

You may or may not be a fan of Tiger Woods he has done amazing things in the Golf and Business world. No matter what hits him in life he is able to recover from it even stronger. The other day he was asked by a kid a great question at a kid’s golf clinic. […]

Quotes of the Day

The above photo is our new Dog that the family named “Flash”, as you can see he likes to play Golf also. LOL I enjoy reading quotes everyday. I think they are another great way to put a charge into your day or a smile. Same as my family does all the time. Below are […]

Good Thought of the Day

The above photo is Seth being Seth. He liked that car at the golf course and when the owner came he asked to see it. The owner was really nice and showed it all to Seth for quite a while. Seth seems to enjoy each day. Hope you are enjoying life no matter where you […]