Quotes for Positive Relationships

Life is too short to let a relationship end. It is hard enough to find good relationships but yet it seems so easy for them to end or go away. Relationships take worth and are worth all the effort it takes to keep them strong. When most people think of relationships they probably think of […]

Live a Positive Life

Life is too short not to be happy so why not choose to be positive. Some people who are negative why have them in your life if you don’t have too. I had great examples growing up as a kid. My Dad I feel lived by the rule of if you don’t have anything good […]

Take Interest in Relationships

Common Interests is a great starting point for starting new relationships. But not a mandatory requirement for sure. One of my good friends in Lakeville I ran into him at a Bowling alley when watching my son bowl and we hit it off talking to each other. He wasn’t into Golf or Bowling like I […]

Growth in Relationships

Growth in Relationships can take time like a garden in your backyard. In the past I haven’t been good at growing relationships or gardens. We joke around our house about not having any plants because they will all die. With plants we would either forget to water them or not water them at all. Maybe […]

Respect in Relationships

This is an important key in any relationship we have from our Spouse, Kids, Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Boss and others. But it is an easy one to mess up on. It is a two-way street that if you want respect from a relationship you should make sure that you are giving it back. Some people […]

Positive Relationships

When I look back over the years I appreciate all the people that have come into my life and the relationships that I currently have with some of them. If is pretty cool that you may not have talk to someone since you graduated High School over 30 years ago but when you see them […]

Healthy Relationships Tips

Relationships is one of the top areas of what motivates us and helps us have a balanced life. Think back to a time when you felt you had a poor relationship with someone or none at all and how did it make you feel? How did it effect other areas of your life? During Retirement […]

Learn to Say “NO” to reach your Goals

If you are not reaching your goals it may be that you are not able to say that two letter word that we don’t like to say or hear. That word is “NO”. If we use that word at times it can help us reach our Financial Goals, Health Goals, Relationship Goals, Retirement Goals and […]

Don’t Criticize, Complain or Condemn

Dale Carnegie’s book called “How to Win Friends & Influence People” is a good resource on the importance of not criticizing, complaining or condemn others. NLP is another great tool to use to improve your relationships, sales, work or happiness. Even if you are retired try this and see how much better your relationships will […]


I was at a gas station today and when I came out a boy was parking his bike. It looked brand new. I said “nice bike did you just get it?” he said “NO, I have had it for a couple of years”. Wow… that is taking Pride in something you own. The above photos […]