Our Favorite California Sites and futures

We live just 5 hours from the Ocean and we have fun when we visit California. We just wouldn’t want to ever live there. California is too expensive for us and the traffic drives us crazy. California driving is probably the worst with Chicago second. We have been to California many times in the last […]

Retirement Mind Tip of the Day

The Mind is an amazing thing and can help us make good life lasting changes. Some say you need to have more Pleasure than Fear when thinking about a choice in life. Sometimes you can use your mind the other way and create more Fear than Pleasure to make a change. I know for me […]

Disney Cruise Review

Our first cruise is in the books and we had a blast. We actually had such a good time the boys wanted us to book the same trip for next year. Logan was talking on the phone with his new friends he met on the cruise and some of them were going to book the […]

Downsizing in Retirement

The above photo is something we had in our house in Minnesota and now it is in Arizona. The saying “LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE” can be followed in any part of the country that you live in. It also can be followed or done in any size house, condo or apartment you live in. You don’t […]

May 2017 Financial and Goals Update

May was a warmer month with the Arizona Summer fast arriving. The good thing about May is the Golf Courses drop their rates a lot. The Golf course we play a lot goes from $59 in the winter to $21 during the week starting May 1st. May was busy also with Mother’s Day, Memorial Day […]

What to Do Next

When you Retire it can be exciting and you have a lot of different emotions hit you. During your working years you may be counting the days to when you can retire. You may be seeing a future of fishing all day or golfing all day but you may find it isn’t enough once you […]

April 2017 Financial and Goals

  April was a fun month. Since we had Easter and my Birthday it was a fun month for me for sure. Also now the year is 1/3 the way over already. Time goes way too fast. Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away and then two weeks after that the boys will be […]

Why do you want to Retire

Everyone has reasons they may want to retire. What are your reasons why you want to retire? If you are retired what is it that you like the best of being retired? What I like is the freedom to work on my passions. I can spend the day golfing if I want, family time, work […]

2016 is Done – Here Comes 2017

WOW.. 2016 was a wild ride for us but lots of fun. We had a record spending year and our Net Worth still ended being up at the end of the year. We bought a new house this year and took many vacations. We had several friends and family which came and visited us last […]