2019 Dividend Stock Strategy and Holdings

Since I semi-retired back in 2014 I have lived off of the Dividends we make off our Stocks in our Brokerage account. The stocks have changed over the years and some have stayed the same. Some will change in the future if we need to make changes. We did sell some of them when we […]

January Stock Market Thoughts

December was another roller coaster of ups and downs. We did buy a few stocks last month when the stocks were down. It favors the people who like to buy on dips. We also like to hold our Dividend Stocks. Our Dividend Stocks had their best year yet. Yea.. When it comes to our Stock […]

December Stock Market Thoughts

November was another roller coaster of ups and downs. Some blame it on the Elections and others have many other reasons. I feel it is just normal cycle of the stock market. I am human and do enjoy it much better when stocks are up then when they are down. was a ugly month and […]