How do you Feed your Mind?

Many of my friends talk about how they are careful about the information they take in. They want to take to feed their mind with helpful information that will help them be more successful. They will try to avoid anything from negative people, news, TV, internet and more. There can be negative affects from things […]

Video Games or Books

This is a debate for many parents and grandparents now a days. Times have changed a lot since I was in school for sure. I know I am dating myself but do feel the way our lives were 40 years ago were a lot more productive learning environment. Also in the past when I grew […]

Mills Family Mission Statement

Businesses have Mission Statements for what they stand for. Why don’t you have one for yourself and one for your family? We have a Mission Statement for our family in our family room. We review it every six months. Each family member has input in it and we can change it at any time. We […]

Balance and Clock Management

Of the four main keys for Clock Management this one is definitely the most important one. Without it you will struggle in Live R.I.C.H quadrants for success. The key is called “Balance”. Without Balance everything can get out of whack. In January and February, I got a little out of Balance due to my Clock […]

Finding Time for Passions

Our lives can be so much happier when we are doing things we enjoy to do. Passions can vary for each of us. Some people may have a passion for Golf, Watching Football, Traveling with their family, Cars, Collecting Stamps, Reading, Writing Books, Business, Tennis and more. Some can say Hobbies are Passions. Passions is […]

Goals in Clock Management

Goals in Clock Management each year most of us start out with New Year’s Resolutions or Goals. Like many people I normally have Weight Loss Goals, Family Adventure Goals, Business Goals, Investment Goals and Personal Finance Goals. All of those Goals can be a challenge to achieve without making sure we have good Clock Management. […]

Clock Management Tips

Do you ever feel you are behind a tree like the above photo when wanting to get things done? Many people I have worked with and myself included have felt at times that there isn’t enough hours in a week to get everything done. It can create a lot of stress on yourself when you […]

Lose Negative Thoughts Now

How can you have negative thoughts with temps like this in January? LOL Wouldn’t you agree that most people have negative thoughts from time to time in their life? Some may have them a lot more often then others. I always think life like a Roller Coaster with ups and downs. So what do you […]

Why some home Businesses Fail?

I have owned different small home businesses over the years. Some have done better than others but none of them have turned into a large business. But they can be fun as you start them up and work on building them up. For me it is anyway. But depending on your financial situation and stage […]

9 Things that Successful People Do

I got the above chart sent to me from my brother Tony Monday and shared it with some friends and family right away. I know I have seen charts somewhat like this one before but it is a good reminder or good encouragement to make a change in your life. I covered this with our […]