Do you have Real Friends or Social Friends

What is a true friend? What is a real friend? With social media it can seem like a person has a lot of friends. Just think of the friends or followers you have on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and Linkedln. I know if I would add them all up I would be over […]

Tortilla Flat Arizona Day Trip

  This is a must place to see if you are in the Phoenix, AZ area. Everyone that comes to visit us from the Midwest we have to take them for a car ride to go see Tortilla Flat Arizona sites. Each time we go there it seems like we see something new and learn […]

Home Security When Traveling

When we travel we have a couple of things in place to help make sure our house is secure while we are gone. When we travel we are only gone for up to two weeks so we don’t have to many things to worry about. But living in Arizona I know a lot of people […]

Insurance for when you are Traveling

Recently a relative of mine came to visit us in Arizona. She is from Minnesota and had Dental Insurance there. She cracked a tooth her second week down here and we tried to fix it with a temporary tooth repair kit from the drug store. It didn’t work and she was in a lot of […]

October 2017 Financial and Goals

We had a blast on our Disney Cruse to Mexico. We had so much fun both boys really wanted us to book another Disney Cruise for next year. Logan and his new friends from the ship some of them booked next year’s trip already also. If it wasn’t for our vacation cost this month we […]