Taking just a Putter to a Golf Tournament


I played golf with someone who only used one club during the whole round? I had played once with a guy who only used a 3 Woood, 7 Iron and a Putter. He was in his sixties and was a bread sales manager for his everyday job, but on the golf course he was good and a lot of fun to golf with. He shot a 77 on a par 72 with only three clubs. I had never golfed with anyone before that only used three clubs. Now I can say I golfed with a golfer who only uses one club.

Our last golf tournament on our tour was when I played with the guy who only used a putter for the whole round. Before you tee off they cover the rules and then they announce your name and where you live at, when he walked up to the tee box we couldn’t figure out what club he was using. He hit the ball about 180 yards I would guess and then proceeded down the fairway. He only had one club and some golf balls and tees in his pocket. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing, he didn’t even have a golf bag.

After talking to him about the club he was using he said he bought it at Goodwill Store for $2.99. It was a old Wilson Putter. His second shot he laid up before the water, then his third shot went into the water, he did a drop and hit it on to the green and then one putted. He got a 6 on the hole. I had the longest drive in our foursome but I ended up with a 7 on the hole, ouch.. LOL That’s golf.

I asked him how long he had been using just a putter, he said for about 9 months. He said he was a scratch golfer and wanted to get better, he said a friend told him to play with one club if you want to get better so that is when he went to using just a putter.

He said he like the old putter he bought was because it had a really good shaft and putter connection at the base of the shaft. He was also going to talk to a club maker about making a club just for him.

On a par three that was about 155 yards he said that would take a 8 Iron Swing, he hit the ball and it just missed the green and rolled into the sand trap. He didn’t get upset or looked worried about his ball being in the sand. He just walked up to it in the sand and hit it out of the sand. It was amazing to watch.But devasting to my ego. LOL

I told my wife that it will be hard to justify buying new golf clubs or equipment after getting beat by a guy who l just used a putter and it only cost him $2.99.

After telling the story to two different golf pro’s they both said it is still better to have all 14 clubs in your bag. More choices and more tools to help you score better.

When I asked my friends what one club would they use if they only had one club to use for a whole round. The clubs they said ranged from 6 Iron, 7 Iron and 8 Iron. I would go with a 7 Iron myself. I think it would be fun to play a league night with only one club, when everyone had to use one club.

My next golf tournament is this Sunday. I will be taking all 14 clubs to the tournament. I may not use them all but I will have them just in case.

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