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Where you consider the best place to live can be a personal issue. I grew up in Iowa and Minnesota most of my life. I have enjoyed living everywhere I have lived. We have lived in Arizona the last four years and I wish we would have moved sooner.

It was nice the other day we asked the boys if they would like to move back to Minnesota to be close to family and they both said “No Way”. They said they have too many good friends in Arizona and they like their schools.

The things I enjoy about living in Arizona is no shoveling snow, scraping Ice off the car, hardly ever having rain, almost every day is blue skies and sun shine. I also like Palm Trees and mountains, they make me feel like I’m on vacation daily. Plus, our home taxes are lower here than the places I owned in the Midwest. Also, Income tax is lower in Arizona than Iowa or Minnesota. October 2018 article had the 50 Best Places to Live based off of some things like Population, Median Family Income, Median Home Price, Projected Job Growth, Clear Days Per Year, High School Graduation Rate, Average Commute in Minutes and Home Price/Income.

I think it will depend on if you like Winter weather or not. If you want lower taxes or not. If you want a larger house for your money or not. For me I am not a cold weather fan or a winter fan. I like watching it snow for the first time and around Christmas time.

Money magazine had two Minnesota cities before an Arizona city. What is up with that? For instance, Lakeville, Minnesota was ranked 28th and Peoria, Arizona was 29th. I lived in Lakeville, MN and enjoyed it there but not the winter weather, the short golf season, the high summer golf rates and income taxes. I had a long commute to my job. Peoria showed more population than Lakeville. It shows a lower Median Home Price. It showed AZ with an 8.15% job growth and MN with only 3.98%, that is a big AZ advantage. It showed AZ with 296 clear days and MN only 196 clear days, that is a big AZ advantage also. AZ has a higher High School Graduation rate. Commute time it showed 4 minutes longer than MN but that is a hard one depending on where you work. It showed AZ with a higher Home Price/Income ratio.

The report had some places I know for sure I would never live due to weather or cost of living. But yet they were high on the report. For example, why would anyone want to live in California? If you have never been to California go there and check home prices, rentals, food costs, gas costs, taxes, commute times, traffic and more. Why do so many people live there? Weather and the Beaches?

In Arizona also if you do like Snow you can go Snow Skiing in Norther Arizona the winter months. We have lakes you can boat and fish in. We have a ton of golf courses also to play golf all year around. Good living in Arizona. Where is your favorite place to live at?

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