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Another theory of how the mind works is the T.I.F.B.R.D theory of the mind. This theory helps explain how the mind operates so you can understand the importance of not stressing out over things and to continue talking to yourself in a positive way.

C. Devin Hastings introduced this theory to me. He called it T.I.F.B.R.D, or “The Equation of the Mind.” He broke it down for me in this way.

T = Thought. The frequency of our thoughts leads to an image and converts that image into a feeling.

I = Image. A picture is worth a thousand words.

F = Feeling. Strong enough feelings lead to behaviors.

B = Behavior. The right behaviors produce positive results.

R = Results. With enough results, you create your own destiny.

D = Destiny. Believe in who you are!

As you can see, whenever you have a thought or a dream, a picture of that dream, even in your mind, is worth a thousand words. It is so important to think positive thoughts and have positive images of yourself and your life.

A friend of mine kept talking about all the negative things he felt was sure to happen in his life. One example of this was that he felt his house was going to be too crowded when his fiancée moved in.

Everything he said seemed to be negative and he refused to be open to making it (whatever it may be) work out. Of course, the relationship failed, and they broke up.

It is amazing how you can talk yourself into something when you really don’t want it to happen because you don’t know how to think properly.

The future is an empty canvas. Every artist knows that they can begin with an empty canvas, and from that they create. That’s exactly the same with life. We begin with an empty mind. And, most certainly, no one knows what the future can bring. But, we do know that to be happy and to have a life with considerably less worry, we need to live for today.

To effectively live for today, we must plan and think positively. If we enjoy the day, then the people around us will support that joyful feeling. Similarly, our life energy will be completely drained if we constantly worry about the what-ifs of life.

So take your golf game to a new level and keep your mind filled with positive thoughts and images. See your shot before you hit the shot and have fun playing, golf is supposed to be fun.

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