Tortilla Flat Arizona Day Trip


This is a must place to see if you are in the Phoenix, AZ area. Everyone that comes to visit us from the Midwest we have to take them for a car ride to go see Tortilla Flat Arizona sites. Each time we go there it seems like we see something new and learn something new. What a cool place.

We also enjoy the views of the Dessert and Rocks going there. You also go past Canyon Lake which has some great views. Bring your fishing poles and catch some fish while you are there.

The way we get there from Mesa, AZ is we head East on Brown Road. Nice thing about the roads in town most of them either go East and West or North and South so it is hard to get lost and you can take many other roads that head East will probably get you there. We have taken University and Main Streets East also and got there.

So when you are on Brown Road (turns into W. Lost Dutchman Blvd) heading East you will run into Highway 88. Once you are there then take a left and follow the road. Just a few miles down Highway 88 on the left is a cool Mining Ghost Town which is neat to visit also. Then as you drive down Highway 88 you will see some awesome views. Before you get to Canyon Lake pull over at the overlook area and you will have some great views of Canyon Lake. Then when you drive past Canyon Lake it is just a few more miles to Tortilla Flat Arizona.

There are like 5 Main things you can see while at Tortilla Flat Arizona.
1. Restaurant & Saloon – Best of everything there I think. Make sure you also check out the restrooms. What a fun place to eat and drink at.
2. Country Store
3. Mercantile & Gift Shop
4. Museum (The old School house)
5. Gun Fights on some weekends. The Smokin’ Guns a volunteer Old West reenactors have on the website that they perform 12/26 through Easter every Saturday and Sunday at Noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm.

To learn about Tortilla Flat Arizona check out the “About TF” page to learn about it. Also they sell a book in the Merchantile/Gift Shop called “Tortilla Flat Arizona Then and Now”, the Real Story by L.L. Lombardi – Lois M. Potter-Sanders has the full story of Tortilla Flat AZ.

If you go see it let me know what you like best of Tortilla Flat Arizona. Also a disclaimer that I am not getting paid for this post from Tortilla Flat Arizona. I am doing it because it is a cool place to see in Arizona. We have enjoyed it every time we have been there. Arizona living is good.

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