Video Games or Books

This is a debate for many parents and grandparents now a days. Times have changed a lot since I was in school for sure. I know I am dating myself but do feel the way our lives were 40 years ago were a lot more productive learning environment.

Also in the past when I grew up we did a crazy thing called playing outside with friends from Sunrise to Sunset during the summers. Our kids have just two days left in school this year and what will their summer breaks bring? What will they do?

Playing games and sports when we were kids taught us a lot of things like being part of a team. Taught us what it is to lose and to win. We got exercise which gave us more energy. It also gave us more drive to improve so we could maybe win more games. All good lessons. Except for back then we didn’t know about Skin cancer and didn’t worry about putting Sun Block on or wearing UV Protected Clothes like we do today.

What Video games are currently doing to our kids;

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