Video Games or Books

This is a debate for many parents and grandparents now a day. Times have changed a lot since I was in school for sure. I know I am dating myself but do feel the way our lives were 40 years ago were a lot more productive learning environment.

Also, in the past when I grew up we did a crazy thing called playing outside with friends from Sunrise to Sunset during the summers. Our kids have just two days left in school this year and what will their summer breaks bring? What will they do?

When we were Kids

Playing games and sports when we were kids taught us a lot of things like being part of a team. Taught us what it is to lose and to win. We got exercise which gave us more energy. It also gave us more drive to improve so we could maybe win more games. All good lessons. Except for back then we didn’t know about Skin cancer and didn’t worry about putting Sun Block on or wearing UV Protected Clothes like we do today.

Video Game Effects

Video games effects they currently have on our kids are the following;

  1. Our Boys have drive to win in it and hate to lose. But they live for Video games. When they aren’t playing Video Games they are watching You Tube Videos about Video Games. They seem addicted to me.
  2. It is a challenge to get them to play outside because they just want to stay in and play video games or watch TV.
  3. They learn about Hacks in games (Cheating Moves) so they try to find Hacks in school work also.
  4. They hurry through their homework or don’t do it at all so they can play more Video Games.
  5. The Boys don’t like to read books or to write anything by hand.
  6. They don’t have drive to help around the house or to do chores. When they are forced to do chores they barely do them.

This list could go on and on. Some people agree with me that they should only be allowed up to an hour a day to play. Others disagree and think they are kids should be allowed to just play.

A guy I played Golf with recently said an interesting stat that the kids that have been School Shooters were not out for any sports and was avid Video game players. That is a scary, since our boys aren’t in sports and are avid Video gamers.

I have been told that I am too strict wanting them to play sports, activities, volunteer work and less Video game playing. All I want to do is try to help them be more successful in life.

Family Learning Time

Each week Mrs. RE and myself have a reading hour with the boys. We read Books that will teach them stuff they won’t learn in school. We also cover the Bible and watch some Joel Osteen seminars on TV. We feel the kids won’t learn this stuff if we don’t teach it to them.

I still feel we need to do more. That guy I talked to said he lit his kids Xbox on fire after his son had it just a week. I feel like I should do that every day.

Again, being told I need to let them have more fun and just be kids. But yet both boys have late assignments. Our son in High School has over 100 assignments he didn’t even turn in. If you did that at a job wouldn’t you get fired?

High School Years

Our High School son barely passed 9th grade. 10th grade he will probably have 3 F’s, 2 D’s, B and a A. Ouch… We just signed him up for another Summer School class which costs us $350. We are going to start making him pay us back for these classes. Some think we shouldn’t. We are the parents and we will do what we feel is best for the boys.

We try to tell the boys that jobs look at grade point averages and degrees. We also tell them Colleges look at grade point averages also. The pace they are going they will struggle to get college scholarships or in a good college. Also, that equals possibly huge college debts to pay back.

Also, with possibly not being able to get a good job they will make less money and how will they live? Will they ever be able to get married or even keep a job? Will they want to live with us forever? Will we let them live with us forever? I say “NO”.

By not doing their homework they are showing their teachers they don’t care. Getting bad grades also show they have no drive for school or a better future. But you should watch them when they play their video games, they have drive for them. They can stay up all night long playing them. Ughhhhhh.. Yet some people say we should just let them be happy and play their video games and things will work out. Things normally do work out but in this case the quality of life they will have later in life will be tough with their current performance.

Here are two positive quotes I like; “There is no way to happiness; happiness is the Path.” By Buddha

“Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life” by Wayne W. Dyer

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