2019 Financial and Goals Results

What a wild ride of a year we had but it was a fun year. When I look back it is hard to believe we stuffed so much in to it. We had a lot of visitors to our house and we visited them in the summer. We lived life to the fullest and isn’t that what life is for.

We also took a Disney Cruise with the boys besides our Summer three-week vacation to Minnesota with them. Then Darlene took two mini trips back to Minnesota during the year. Our family put some miles on this year again. LOL

Darlene also had three or four parties with her employees during the year which I got to be a part of. They are a fun group to be with. I can see why they all work together so well.

Podcast Live4

Our Podcast Live4 or at www.Live4.Club was a slow month but we added four more Podcasts and we got more listener’s this month. It was our best month yet.  It is to help people reach their Financial Freedom goals. The Podcast is on many Platforms now from Anchor.fm, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Breaker Audio, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, i-tunes, Apple Podcast and more.  We also started Tik Tok account this month to help try to get more people to listen to our Podcast. We make a Tik Tok video daily.

Millsway.com business was slow this month. We did add to the website more and added some Clickbank Affiliate links to the website. So far, no big movement yet but we are continuing to add content and use social media to promote it.

Logan and Seth

Logan is doing good at both his jobs and making some good money to help pay for his future college expenses. He is getting excited to graduate High School this upcoming May.

Seth is being Seth. Anyone who knows Seth then you know he is our wild child. Seth is doing pretty good in school but I still feel he is skating through it and not really applying himself fully. But he is healthy, happy and growing like a week. I think he may be taller than Logan someday. Both boys are like 6 feet tall. Crazy.. They are taller now than Darlene and myself.

December results were good for our family even though we bought a bunch of Christmas gifts, went to some movies and had another work dinner at Famous Dave’s. Plus we bought tabs and a new set of tires for our car this month. Never a good time for car expenses. LOL. Here are the December results;

Here are our December 2019 Results – Click Here

2019 Goals Final Results

We did make some progress towards our New Year’s Resolution Goals this month.  

Our Goal of going to 3 New Restaurants this year. We are at 4 new restaurants for the year.

We are at 133.33% of our goal.

Weight Lost Goal I gained 4.5 lbs. weight this month.  I am down 8.2 lbs. or 25% for the year. My goal is to get to 173lbs so my BMI is under 25. I am at 192.2 currently. November was ugly because of our parties with the Thanksgiving for the month. Now it’s December so we can get back on track, oh wait, I said that last month. LOL. I am so good at having excuses. LOL

We are at 100% progress on taking the Boys to 3 Movies for the year. Myself and Dad took the boys to a movie in January. We split up and took each boy to a different movie since they didn’t want to see the same movie. In March we went to see “How to Train a Dragon Movie”. We took the boys to Avengers End Game and the boys loved it in April. May went to John Wick. June, we went to Godzilla and Toy Story movies. July, we tried going to Lion King and then Spiderman. So many good movies are coming out this fall and winter also. August, we took them to Fast & Furious movie which we all enjoyed. September we went also to another called “IT”. October we took them to the movie called “Zombieland”. We are at 11 movies for the year so far. December we took the boys to more movies. We went to Frozen 2 and Star Wars – The Rise. We spoil them. LOL  Plus a lot of Net Flix Movies at home.

My Golf goal of over 50 rounds I am at 90 rounds or 180.00%. Summer golf is over now here in Arizona so prices increase and I will golf less. I won my Golf Channel AM Tour tournament at Lone Tree Golf Course in Chandler, AZ in February. I did join East Valley Mens Golf League in September and I am now playing most Tuesdays and Saturdays with these guys. I am not going to renew my Golf Channel and Golf Now memberships to save some money.

We are at 100% for taking the Boys to 3 special events. In January we even took them to two this month. Tony and myself took the boys golfing at a golf course this month and then we took Seth to the Waste Management Golf Tournament Dream Day for kids and watched the Pro Golfers practice. Seth also got his photo taken with Cameron Champ and he signed Seth’s Golf Hat. Seth is a happy boy. In March we went with Tanya and Nicks family to the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park. Seth golfed with Tom and myself in June. Logan went to Peru in June. July the boys had adventures at the Cabin on the Lake, they got to go fishing for the first time. They also got to go Tubing behind the Pontoon boat also. Good times.

Our Vacation Goal to Minnesota is Done.  

Our Vacation Goal to MN for Darlene in October had changed to November now. We took the boys on a Disney Cruise in October since we got a big tax return. Plus, Darlene went to Minnesota in May also. Busy year.

My goal of 50 Blogs and Videos for MillsWay this year I have did over 75 for the year. So, I am at 150% for the year. I did 13 Podcasts and Blogs this month.

I have a goal to finish one of my books this year and publish it. I did publish a book in the honor of my Mom this month in an e-book and paperback versions. I also got my Richer Living Book back in Paperback version on Amazon. I am working on a bunch more books. Hope to do a lot more in the future. Yea.. Now we need to sell some. Sales been slow this year. ughh

We own 28 Dividend Stocks so we don’t have all our Eggs in one basket. Plus, we have money in 3 Business Development companies and an Angel Investor in 11 companies currently. We also have money Invested in 6 different Digital Currencies Coins.

To Read our Full Results Click Here


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. By Albert Einstein. I would also say the definition of insanity is believing you can live a financial responsible life without tracking how you are doing, having a budget and goals. I like following others who track their finances to compare our also. I enjoy helping people with their finances and goals.

Let me know your thoughts about this blog and let me know of others you would like me to do in the future. I feel we can all learn from each other. That is why I am in the helping people retire early, enjoy life more and be more successful.   

Don’t give up on your dreams; don’t let others talk you out of your dreams. Make your dreams happen. Make it happen today.

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