December 2021

Christmas Temptations and Crypto Update

Christmas time there are so many temptations all around us from TV, Internet, Radio, Ads in the Paper and more. We have feelings that maybe we didn’t get enough for our kids or maybe we should buy something for our friends. Darlene and myself seem to always buy stuff a week after we said we were completely done shopping. Crazy. LOL

Crypto Portfolio November 2021 Results

November was a good month for our Crypto Portfolio but we know any day it can drop a huge amount. That is why we have no more than 5% of our Net Worth invested in Crypto Currency. I believe it will be around and keep growing in our lifetime. Crypto is very volitive and there is a lot to learn about it. It seems to keep changing, growing and expanding. Now we are seeing more Virtual Gaming, NFT’s to Digital Real Estate that is built with Crypto Currency.

Career & Financial Tips Every Young Adult Should Know

As a young professional trying to find their footing in the world, you are bound to face challenges. However, the path to success involves tackling these challenges head-on and becoming the best version of yourself. While there are no set guidelines that can guarantee success, this article by Mills Way takes you through a few important steps you can take to become financially and professionally stable in your life.

November 2021 Financial and Goals Results

Christmas is getting close and it is a very exciting time. We wish family could come visit us again this year for Christmas like our Folks did last year but it looks like they won’t be here until January. This may be Logan’s last Christmas for a while at home. He leaves for the Navy in about 7 weeks from now. We will make this a fun Christmas for the four of us.