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My name is Bruce Mills. I am married to an awesome woman and have four great kids. Two live in Arizona with us and two live in the Midwest. My greatest claim to fame and overall impact on the world is probably my books, podcasts and the ideas behind Mills Way to Financial Freedom. I used to work in many professions from Grocery Store Management, Pricing, Mortgages, Real Estate Investor, Author, Hypnosis, Insurance Sales, Coaching and helping people with Debt problems. I hope to continue to help people the rest of my life. I am a fan of reading positive books and surrounding myself with positive people.

Mills Way is more than Financial Freedom it is a way to help people have choices in their life and map out their own route to Financial Freedom and happiness. Mills Way started back in 2001 after my Divorce and started a night job helping people with their Debt problems and it grew from their. I also went on to get training to be a Motivational Coach, Business Coach, Masters in Hypnosis, and a Masters in NLP. Now I have a full tool box to help others.

I have written seven books and another in the works. I grew up in the Midwest and now living in Sunny Arizona. I enjoy helping people find ways they can reach their goals in life, retire early, get debt free, have better relationships, be happier and more. I am straight forward and direct when working with. I don’t like to beat around the bush in my coaching style and let them decide their own goals, plans and speed.

In 2006 my Dad died and that is when I named my business Mills Way to Richer Living. MillsWay.com was in the honor of the life he lived and to help others. We have been on this road to Financial Freedom for a long time. We have been debt free and not a few times. We plan to stay debt free for ever, but we have no crystal ball on the future.

I like to play golf and do things with my family. I really enjoy creating things and doing things that don’t cost any money or much at all. I am working on building up our Financial Freedom funds and following our Mills Way to Financial Freedom rules that we teach the boys. I enjoy doing spreadsheets and playing with numbers Darlene would tell you.

We aren’t at our Financial Freedom marks yet but on our way. We could be there if we really adjusted our lifestyle so for now we will continue to build up our Assets and work on our passive income streams. I do Mills Way, Golf and take care of the boys while Darlene works full time. Plus by her working saves us a lot of money on Health Insurance for sure.

To contact me at bruce@millsway.com and I will try to respond to you. I am not able to respond to everyone and only have so many quest spots on our Podcast. We post a new Podcast every Thursday. I don’t accept any guest posts.

Thank you so much for any support you show to Mills Way. Myself and my family are very grateful for helping make this dream a reality. Your support means a lot to us. We really appreciate it!. We are open to hearing any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve our Website and Podcast. So please share with us.

Bruce Mills and Family of Mills Way

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