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Bitcoins have been in the news big time over the last few years and stories of how people got super rich. I do have to say that I once had a lot of Bitcoins that I had earned back over ten years ago. I didn’t take it serious and forgot about them. There codes are on an old computer that is no longer around. Also, I have not been able to log into my old email account. Ughhh I could be worth many millions of dollars easily by my memory of how many coins I had. Now I use Coinbase to store my coins I have.

Most people only know about Bitcoins but there are a lot of different Digital Currencies that are available to buy or sell. Today I want to talk about sites that claim you can earn free Bitcoins fast. My disclaimer is that I have not found any special site that has worked for me but Coinbase to earn any free Digital Currency coins.

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a payment system that was introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto as an open source payment system. It is a digital currency that is used mostly for online transactions. Since it was introduced, it has grown expediently. You might think that a highly valued cryptocurrency like bitcoin could only be gotten through trading, investment or using it as a means of payment for service rendered, but bitcoin can also be earned.

If you are not one to take risks, but you are interested in earning bitcoin freely, we have selected the top 3 best sites where you can earn bitcoin without investing anything. All that is required to redeem your bitcoin is to open a bitcoin wallet into which your earnings will be paid. Each of these sites is what is called a Bitcoin faucet. A Bitcoin faucet is a website that gives slight sums of Bitcoins to users who place ads on their website. To learn all the details about this way of earning Bitcoins fast they say, The first three listed below is some that I have read about but don’t know if they really work like they say they do.


This site offers you about $200 worth of Bitcoin as well as a 50%

referral commission for life, and all that is required to get started is

for you to create an account on the site and start earning as fast as

you can. It is also possible for you to increase your earnings by simply playing games on the site.

I have linked my Coinbase account for an auto withdrawal of any Bitcoins that I may earn or win on the site. I haven’t won anything yet.

2. ePay

This is a bitcoin earning site supposedly that allows you to earn bitcoins from various bitcoin faucets daily. To redeem your bitcoins, all you need to do is enter your bitcoin wallet address, and your earnings will be deposited into the wallet. You can make withdrawal whenever you wish I was told. But when I went to the website and I only really see that I could make any money from them as an affiliate. I have seen a lot of online games that say that you can win Bitcoins and have them deposited into your ePay account. I just don’t trust all those different sites.

3. Moon Bitcoin

This was one of the top paying bitcoin faucets from which you can easily earn free bitcoins once you enter your bitcoin wallet address and sign in. The most amazing thing about this site is they allow you to claim your earnings as often as you like irrespective of how little you’ve earned, unlike many other faucets that only allow you to claim once per hour or day. It fills up quickly and allows you to claim as little as possible every 5 minutes, or you can leave it to fill up and claim your earnings only once in a day they said. But when I checked them out they said they used Coin Pot and other faucets which are shutting down so I didn’t signup with them.

As always, I am not giving you any Financial Advice and you should seek advice from your Professional Advisors to see what is best for your situation. See my Disclaimer at This is for entertainment only.

There are many other bitcoin faucets, but those we talked about are supposidly the best three sites that allow you to earn free bitcoin quickly without having to risk any investment. I believe a 100% more into the next two sites which have ways to earn Free Digital Currency.


I haven’t made a ton of money on this website yet. I have made some money on this website by watching some short films and taking a quiz after watching them.

They also have a way to earn Free Bitcoin when you Invite a friend to join. When your friend buys or sells $100 of crytpo you both get free $10 in Bitcoin. Hopefully my friends will join up someday after they aren’t afraid of digital currency.

There are 42 different Crypto Currency on Coinbase website that you could buy or sell. I think of their website like my home Bank but for my Digital Currency. I have linked my home Bank to the website so when I sell Coins and want to transfer the money to my home bank I can and it is very easy to do. Same if I want to transfer money from my home bank to buy more Digital Currencies.

2.    Pi Network – First Digital Currency that you can Mine on your Phone. Use millsway as your Referral Code if you decide to join.

Our boys are having fun with this phone app and watching it grow. Pi makes crypto mining easy for them. The Breakthrough tech allows them to mine on their phone without draining their phone battery.

We don’t know if it will every turn into a Crypto Currency that is traded but we hope it will be. It is in a early phase currently. I have been sharing the link on my Social Media accounts but no luck having people try it with me. I like it because there is no cost to do it and only took a few minutes to sign up with them. It could be a waste of time of a good use of our time.

As the world becomes increasing digital, cryptocurrency is a next natural step in the evolution of money. Pi is the first digital currency for everyday people, representing a major step forward in the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide. Click here to check it out.

Bottom line I wish I could tell you that there was a get rich way to get free Bitcoins but I am not able to tell you that. I still feel if our boys use a small percentage of their Net Worth and Invest it wisely using Coinbase then they could possible to make some good returns on their money. That’s my pipe dream anyway.

There are still so many unknowns for us about Digital Currency. I know that Darlene isn’t excited about them but our boys see it as the future. I feel it could be mainstream someday but maybe not in my lifetime. We are an Angel Investor in a Credit Card company that used Bitcoins to convert to Money so you can buy purchases with it. Time will tell if our Investment was a good on or a wasted one.

We want to give our boys the best chance to have their money last them thru their retirement years and have them reach their Financial Freedom goals. They need to live somewhat with a frugal mindset and spend less than they make so they can Invest towards their Financial Freedom goals.

Here are some positive quotes I like;

“Get your Money to Work for You… As hard as You Work for it.” By Napoleon Hill

“1. Make Money. 2. Use the Money to Make More Money. 3. Repeat the Process.” By Warren Buffett

“There is no way to happiness; happiness is the Path.” By Buddha

“Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life” by Wayne W. Dyer

Let me know your thoughts about this blog and let me know of others you would like me to do in the future. I feel we can all learn from each other. That is why I am in the helping people retire early, enjoy life more and be more successful. Also, please see my Disclaimer page.

Don’t give up on your dreams; don’t let others talk you out of your dreams. Make your dreams happen. Make it happen today.

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