What are your Values when it comes to Family, Work, Kids to life? We all probably have different Values and you may not agree with my friends’ views or mine but we hope to get you thinking. To possibly take a look at your situation and ask yourself is it me or them. If it is them then do you want to continue this pattern or take another route. The choice is all yours since you can’t change others, you can only change yourself.

When seeing what my close friend is going through it got me thinking about what my dad and Grampa’s Values where and that is probably where my Values came from. I agree with most things they both taught me but may have modified things over the years.

Let’s dive into their Values in 10 different areas. I know my dad wouldn’t waver from some of the values especially when they came to our family.

  1. Family Value – Take their Kids side and no room for Ex’s that wanted out of the family. They may have been civil around the Ex of one of their kids but they sure wouldn’t want them around. They sure wouldn’t ever have them to a family event and if they did, they would have their kid also. They would always take their kid’s side.
  • Country Value – Take care of the United States first. Keep our Country financially Stable and take care of our Citizens first. You may not believe in that if you are a Democrat. Sorry we are a Republican family. We may support some Democrats views but most we don’t. They would be in full support of the Wall and not for changing Football Teams to Schools names. There are so many stupid things going on that they are probably rolling over in their graves. They both served in Wars for the Army and were strong Patriots.
  • Work Values – If you got bills you need to go to work. You are responsible for what you buy and what you invest your money into. You need Assets that will pay your bills when you can’t work anymore. Both of them weren’t Rich but both worked hard and lived debt free. They both worked to about the day they died.
  • Marriage value – If you say “I Do” then it’s forever. They didn’t believe in Divorce. My Dad would never be for someone getting a divorce. He believed in anything could be forgiven and worked out. Even if one spouse cheated on the other like happened to someone, I met the other day.
  • Kid’s value – If you have kids, they should be taught the importance of Family, Work, Country, Marriage and Personal Finances. We took some of the lessons we taught our boys and made them into a book called “Money Secrets to Make You Rich”. Kid’s need both their parents in their lives from day one until their Parents go to Heaven.

As always, I am not giving you any Financial Advice and you should seek advice from your Professional Advisors to see what is best for your situation. See my Disclaimer at This is for entertainment only.

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Welcome back. Now let’s talk more about Values my dad and Grampa taught me and some of what I developed over the years.

  • Support value – Believe in your Spouse. Love them daily. Be their biggest supporter. Don’t support an Ex-Spouse. For instance, if your Spouse in a Bowler then talk them up and go watch them. Encourage them in anyway to help their bowling. If they own a Business then tell everyone daily about their business and what is going on new.
  • Broken Value – then you fix it. You admit you made a mistake and fix it. If a Chair is broken or a TV you have it fixed if possible. You don’t always have to go out and buy the newest thing out there. Think before you spend money on non-assets.
  • Happy Value – Be happy we what you have. You don’t need the newest Xbox game or Newest Counsel. Same goes for Headsets and Controllers. Those material things don’t make you happy. Assets and your mind can make you happy.
  • People value – If they are nice to you then be nice to them. But after a while and they are never nice to you then don’t waste anymore time or energy on them. Life is too short to be around people who don’t treat you nice. Just move on and find someone new that is nice and a positive person.
  1. Friends Value – You should support them in non-monetary ways. For instance, you can be there to talk to them. Help them work out issues they may have. If they have a business, you can talk it up. If they are a golfer talk them up or go play golf with them. Be a supportive friend.

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If you need more help, I can help with my Coaching service. I just want to help people have less stress about their Financial Future or their Retirement plans and spend more time enjoying life.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. By Albert Einstein. I would also say the definition of insanity is believing you can live a financial responsible life without tracking how you are doing, having a budget and goals. I like following others who track their finances to compare our also. I enjoy helping people with their finances and goals.

We want to give our boys the best chance to have their money last them thru their retirement years and have them reach their Financial Freedom goals. They need to live somewhat with a frugal mindset and spend less than they make so they can Invest towards their Financial Freedom goals. The boys will need to maybe put off Net Flix or buying a New Video game or going to the movies until they are on the path to Financial Freedom.

Here are some positive quotes I like;

“Get your Money to Work for You… As hard as You Work for it.” By Napoleon Hill

“1. Make Money. 2. Use the Money to Make More Money. 3. Repeat the Process.” By Warren Buffett

“There is no way to happiness; happiness is the Path.” By Buddha

“Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life” by Wayne W. Dyer

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Let me know your thoughts about this blog and let me know of others you would like me to do in the future. I feel we can all learn from each other. That is why I am in the helping people retire early, enjoy life more and be more successful. Also, please see my Disclaimer page.

Don’t give up on your dreams; don’t let others talk you out of your dreams. Make your dreams happen. Make it happen today.

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