Wedding Budget – 17 Ideas

Weddings are a fun and very emotional time. They can also be a very expensive time. We get all caught up with the excitement of the event or party and can lose control of the cost if we use a credit card instead of paying cash.

Start with having a Wedding Budget is a key. Sitting down and deciding on how much you both want to spend on the wedding, reception and honeymoon. Also ask both sets of parents if they want to give any money towards your wedding. It is your wedding and you aren’t entitled to any money, it is there choice to help you out or not.

Setup a Checking Account just for the Wedding expenses. Both names should be on the account. Stick with your budget. If they agreed on $250 for a dress then you shouldn’t buy a $800 dress unless you both agree on a revised budget. No need to go into debt for a wedding.

Don’t think you have to have a big wedding or reception. Some people who don’t have the money can just go to the courthouse and get married for little cost. You don’t have to go on a honeymoon if you don’t have the money for it. We were married we never went on a honeymoon. We figure everyday we are together is our honeymoon. LOL

Pay cash is the way to go so you don’t go into debt for this special event. I would suggest opening up a joint checking account so you both have access to the funds for the wedding. Both of you can deposit the money you have decided to spend on the wedding. If your parents decide to give money towards the wedding then that money can go into your wedding budget checking account fund.

Here are some ways people I know have kept the costs low when getting married. Like I said before if you want to have a really low-cost wedding just go to the courthouse and skip the reception and honeymoon.

Keep the Wedding Costs Low Ideas

  1. Have a Budget, Stick to it. This is a huge key.
  2. Open a Wedding Budget Checking Account. Pay Cash or by Check for Wedding Costs.
  3. Skip the Reception. Reception doesn’t make your love any stronger.
  4. Skip the Honeymoon. You can always go at a later date once you are Financially Free or on the road a ways.
  5. Make your own flowers instead of having a florist make them.
  6. Make your own invites. Make them simple like using Walgreens photo app and make postcard invites.
  7. Get married at Courthouse or at your House.
  8. Have a DJ instead of a Band. Bands can be expensive. Probably one of your friends would DJ or free or a really low fee.
  9. Have a Cash bar and not an open bar. People can pay for their own drinks if they want them.
  10. Have a friend take your Engagement photos and Wedding photos instead of a photographer.
  11. Have a friend video tape it for you. A professional is costly.
  12. Buy a Used Wedding dress. This can save huge.
  13. Buying a ring stay with in reason. My wedding band was $75. Some friends have bought their wives wedding rings used or even traded their car for one.
  14. Wear one of your suits instead of renting a Tux. I have loaned a suit coat to a friend for his wedding once.
  15. Have the reception at your house.
  16. Skip serving a meal at the wedding. If you want to give food to people get some jars of peanuts and bags of pretzels. Have the wedding at a time around any meal time is another way.
  17. Cash instead of registering for gifts. Put on the invites that if they give any gifts that cash is appreciated. How many wedding gifts get regifted or never used.

I am sure you have other ways to help lower someone’s wedding costs. If you do please send them to me so I can keep adding to the list. My friend said to not get married and that would save money. LOL Funny guy he is.

Weddings to Starting a new life together is stressful enough and no need to add financial stress from having debt from the wedding add to it. So why not plan out your wedding budget that you both agree with and that you both can afford to fund without borrowing any money.  

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